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Agape Carpet Cleaning Services in Spring Hill. Agape Carpet Cleaning Columbia And Franklin. 5* Top Rated Reviews.

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Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre Inspection

We will evaluate your carpet’s needs. Every carpet must be treated differently. We will decide what will be the best method for cleaning your carpet. You will know up front what we can and can’t do. This way there are no surprises.

Step 2: Moving Furniture

 Our Price does not include moving of furniture, we prefer to pass that savings on to you. However should you require assistance in moving some light furniture let us know when you schedule your appointment

Step 3: Pre-treatment

 We treat spots and stains as necessary and apply a cleaning solution and or sanitizer to the entire carpet.

Step 4: Carpet Cleaning

We use our state-of-the-art Rotovac equipment for a fast and thorough deep cleaning of your carpet.

Step 5: Rinse neutralizer

Your carpets are rinsed with a PH balancing neutralizer that removes soil and residue. It also acts as a fabric softening agent.

Step 6: Post-inspection

Once the project is completed, we re-inspect the carpet with you to ensure that all the work is done to your satisfaction.

Step 7: Post spot treat

 Any stains are addresses with optional treatments, some may be permanent.

Step 8: Post Groom

We will groom the carpet to set the pile when applicable.

Step 9: Speed Dry

The use of high velocity fans will enhance the carpet drying process

                       What can you do to prepare for your carpet cleaning:

                       Move small items and breakables from the area to be cleaned.

                       Vacuum area to be cleaned. Get ready to be amazed.

What you should do after the carpet cleaning:

To decrease drying time try to keep the room temperature about 72 degrees and use fans to circulate the air around the cleaned carpet. Minimize walking on the cleaned areas as much as possible and use caution when transitioning from carpet to any other surface.