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Agape Carpet Cleaning Services in Spring Hill. Agape Carpet Cleaning Columbia And Franklin. 5* Top Rated Reviews.

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Deep clean with rotary steam extraction…

Rotary Steam Extraction incorporates steam cleaning and rotary scrubbing into the most efficient and most thorough carpet cleaning process. Steam cleaning is the only carpet cleaning process recommended by the largest carpet manufacturer.  To clean carpet as thoroughly as possible, several factors are necessary. Application of prespray and spotters, agitation and hot water extraction with a neutralizer rinse to leave carpets residue free and soft when dry.

We use the Rotovac powerwand and 360i – the most technologically advanced, most thorough carpet cleaning tools in the industry.

Dual high torque motors power two counter rotating heads, each containing three jets and three vacuum slots. This scrubs, rinses, and extracts the carpet up to 1500 cleaning passes per minute. The entire carpet fiber is cleaned in all directions. Powerful extraction provides drier carpet.

With the patented rotary cleaning system we can restore heavy soiled carpet  to look like new!  **We cannot restore damaged or worn carpet fibers.Some stains are permanent.