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Latest Technology


We use the most technologically advanced cleaning tool available to high traffic, heavily soiled areas, the patented "Rotovac" carpet restoration system. Guaranteed to out clean any other system .

Dual high torque motors power two counter rotating heads,

containing six jets and six vacuum slots. This scrubs, rinses, and extracts the carpet up to 1500 cleaning passes per minute. The entire carpet fiber is cleaned in

all directions insuring maximum soil extraction. Powerful extraction motors provides drier cleaner carpet.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Before Carpet Cleaning

A complete inspection of your carpet is performed prior to cleaning, so we can identify the source of soil, spots, and stains.

All carpet areas are pre-treated with a cleaner or optional cleaner sanitizer  and special spotting agents as required.

Pet stains and or odor, dyes, and air filtration soil lines (typically found around baseboards and under doors) may require additional optional treatment and cost.

After Carpet Cleaning

 Your carpets are rinsed and extracted with a HOT ph balancing  Eco neutralizer/rinse that  removes soil and residue. It also acts as a fabric softening agent. 

 Superior Quality- Same Day Service Possible Mon-Fri

  • We Use The Most Technologically Advanced Carpet Cleaner Tools To High Traffic Heavily Soiled Areas  …The Patented Rotovac Powerwand and Rotovac 360i . With Our Deep Clean Service
  •  Your carpets are rinsed with a PH balancing  HOT Eco neutralizer that also removes soil and residue. It also acts as a fabric softening agent. 
  • More Thorough Soil Extraction
  • Hot Water Extraction  Steam Cleaning. The only process recommended by Shaw Industries the world’s largest carpet manufacturer. Most Carpet Warranties Require That The Homeowner Be Able To Show Proof Of Periodic Cleaning By Hot Water Extraction.  Bonnet “Dry” Cleaning Does Not meet Shaw industries recommendation.
  • Powerful Extraction For Drier, Cleaner Carpet
  • Up front Pricing.  No Bait And Switch. Includes: Heavy Traffic Pre Treatment, Spot Remover and Rinse  **Pet contaminated carpets, air filtration lines (dark lines typically found under  doors or around  baseboards), dye stains from juice, wine and some inks may require additional optional treatments and cost.
  • Pet odor and stain removal in Spring Hill, Columbia, and some surrounding areas
  • Prompt Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Agape Carpet Cleaning in Spring Hill TN. Agape Carpet Cleaning in Columbia TN stands behind our work. Satisfaction is guaranteed! 
  • Licensed & Insured.  Since 1995 

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