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Pet Urine Removal. Odor and Stain Specialist in Spring Hill TN Columbia TN

Pet Odor And Stain Removal


 Your carpet will be inspected using  a special UV light to determine location of contamination. 

Every pet treatment job is different based on the size and number of the contaminated area(s). Therefore, we cannot give an estimate without a thorough inspection. 

Urine is a complex, organic chemical mixture containing primarily phosphocreatine, which is a chemical containing phosphorous, as well as urea and creatinine. After the urine is deposited and biological breakdown begins, these chemicals create ammonia and other nitrogen-based compounds that deliver the strong smell associated with urine.

We use cutting edge technology that eliminates all three compounds and removes the odors generated, as well as the pigments excreted with the urine.

One application does it all! This unique breakthrough formula combines:

·  Oxidizers

·  Enzymes

·  Odor encapsulants

·  Eliminates the toughest odors and stains as a result of pet urine, feces, and wet/dirty animals

·  Effective on virtually any surface, including hard, porous surfaces

Pet Treatment Options:

We would inspect the carpet using a special UV light to detect urine contamination. Based on inspection, you would have a choice of the following pet treatment options:

Level 1.  All-in-one formula topically applied to all areas visible by UV light inspection. This process neutralizes the urine by breaking down salts and proteins. The solution is extracted and carpet rinsed. This process does not treat padding

Level 2.  All-in-one formula - Treats carpet fibers and padding. Sub-extraction tool is used to extract and rinse contaminated areas from padding and carpet. 

 Pet Odor And Stain Removal Specialist in Spring Hill TN. Pet Odor And Stain Removal Specialist in Columbia TN.