3 Areas Deep Steam Cleaning $105. Free Deodorizer. Ends soon!

Deep Carpet Cleaning in Spring Hill TN, Columbia TN

Rotary Jet Steam Extraction (Powerwand)


 We use the most technologically advanced cleaning tools available to high traffic areas, the patented "Rotovac" carpet restoration system. Guaranteed to out clean any other system . Rotary Jet Steam Cleaning in Spring Hill, TN,

Dual high torque motors power two counter rotating heads,

containing six jets and six vacuum slots. This scrubs, rinses, and extracts the carpet up to 1500 cleaning passes per minute. The entire carpet fiber is cleaned in all directions insuring maximum soil extraction. Powerful extraction motors provides drier cleaner carpet.

Deep  Carpet Cleaning in Spring Hill TN

Deep Carpet Cleaning in Columbia TN

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Deep Carpet Cleaning in Spring Hill

Rotary Steam Extraction (360i)



Dirty berber carpet being restored with the 360i


Powerwand restoring light beige carpet